Oh sister

Posted by Xoán Abeleira | Posted in Cancións sublimes | Posted on 23-10-2010


Oh sister when I come to lie in your arms
You should not treat me like a stranger
Our father would not like the way that you act
and you must realize the danger

Oh sister am I not a brother to you
An one deserving of afection
And is our purpose not the same on this earth
To love and follow his direction

We grow up together from the cradle to the grave
We died and rebornthen mysteriously saved

Oh sister when I come to knock on your door
Dont turn away you create sorrow
Time is a ocean but it ends at the shore
You may not see me tomorow


Oh irmá, cando veña xacer nos teus brazos

Non me trates igual cá un estraño…


O Tempo é un océano mais remata na beira.

Talvez non volvas verme mañá…

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